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In my breast arose tumors, I’ve more pain, my cousin referred traditional hospital which is MAC&SK.MARMANI Santhosh sir treated me… now no pain ---no tumors.
My fingers became very cool & pain.i visited rheumatologist – diagnosis as a SLE (systematic  lopase erthotheses) so I used powerful temporary I got relief……………….
I visited neurologist- diagnosis as a INTRAVASCULAR so I used some other medicine but no use.
Finally I visited MAC&SK…. With in 20 days cured.
My right hand wrist fractured, 3 months under ortho physician medication but not cure. Doctor prefer surgery. In that time I visited MAC&SK, took marma treatment now my problem cured.
My spinal disc became bulge,dislocation,arthopathy- neural forminal stenosis & my waist area more swerling. I can’t stand also..i used allopathy,homeopathy & ayurveda with physiotherapy also…but in vain . finally I visited marmani santhosh sir,,,start pancha karma , marma & include other treatments.with in 20 days 60% got relief.
Last 25 years onwards I suffering from sciatica. I used lot of medicines but finally cured @ mac&sk.
Last 6 months  I suffering from more gastritis & ibs problem.i used lot of it’s cured by santhosh sir.
In my body some neural problem is there so my right ear 80% hearing problem,, left ear 20% hearing problem..nuro & ENT physicians couldn’t treat.finally I went to dr santhosh. Took medicine and marma treatment.with in 2 months 50% problem cured.
                                     ---------------jagadish-------------- aruku valley--------------

 hi all,i learnt numerology courses at MAC&SK with easiest & effective way.i'm very happy for this portion.actually i'm handicapped but now i'm self professional about numerology.
                                                                              -swamynayakar,,,, Coimbatore,,,,india
hi,my husband age 43,he has PARKINSON problem.we used lot of treatment,,,,but finally excellent result was got from santhosh sir at MAC&SK.

we are very interested to learn healing system.bythe god's grace finally we find the healing master at MAC&'s purely traditional research wife and my friend learnt REIKI&PRANIC systems at MAC& we are maintain healthy&happy life and we are giving peaceful healthy&happy life to others.very thank'u to great SANTHOSH master.
                                                -george,cury,pernadeze;      australia; healers
i've interested in medical martial art that VARMAKALAI(MARMA ART).last 5 years i was searching for best institute and aasan(varmkali master).my luck finally i find MAC&SK,this is very excellent traditional institute.aasan SANTHOSH sir very cooperative and extraordinary knowledge  person.i finish marma advance level course.marma(varmakalai) science is the purely body i plan for complete marma master level also.thank's to traditional hospital&institute MAC&SK.
                                                      -ragini,,,,,,,,  Bangalore,,,         software
i've been suffering from MND problem for 5years. Hyderabad, Bangalore& Mumbai areas multispeciality nurologial hospitials were visited by me but in vain.i was totally ill beded patient by the god's grace finally oneof my cousins prefer to great traditional vaidya SANTHOSH sir.with in 4 months 80% i recovered.thank's to MAC&SK.
                                                                             -varadaraju,,,,,  guntur,,,,,india.
i completed my MBBS at tamilnadu.butin fact lot of problems not clearly cured in alopathic that time my father-in -law prefered ayurveda panchakarma system,in the year 2012 i joined at MAC&SK as a pancha karma&psychological counselling courses.SANTHOSHsir is very excellent teacher& i satisfied my clinical practice.
                                                                      -dr jeevanayankar,,,,   eroad,,,    india
hi all,my family is very poor,in that time all responsibilities in my that time i learnt massage course  &yoga therapy course at MAC& i'm doing house visits regularly.i'm self employed,thanks to MAC&SK and SANTHOSH SIR.
                                                                                         -laxmi,,,,  visakhapatnam,,,, india
hi all,i'm  2011 i met that time i learnt lot of management tecqnics/tips from    
SANTHOSH sir.he is good management practisnor. now my business running towards successive.thank's to SANTHOSHsir
                                                                        -bornknut,,,      poland
i've psoriasis last 20 years,in this hospital using panchakarma ,.,.,now it's cured
                                                                                 -padmalatha,,,      bhuvaneswar,,.,.   india
I've leucoderma last 5 years,now i'm taking treatment at MAC&SK,,now my skin started to cure.

now i've HIV and some other diseases,all most i'm illbeded patient,after taking treatment at the great doctor mr santhosh, now my health is lot of better from previous days.
                                                                                     -govind,     hyderabad,,,, india
my son age is 9 years but he is not able to talk,we took lot of speech therapies but in vain,, with in 4 months at MAC&SK treatment my son clearly speak.thank'u Dr santhosh.
                                                                -durga prasad,   anakapalli,,,, india
i've two voles blocked in my heart.the cardiologist preferred by-pass surgery but in MAC&SK-- dr santhosh treated me- with in 5 months my problem cured.
                                                                            -ganesh,,,,,,       visakhapatnam,,,, india
i married 6 years back(i used lot of medicine) but there is no children,in the year 2013, i met MAC&SK,dr SANTHOSH started treatment,now i'm carrying,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,
                                         -sumitra,,,,,,,,,,,  vizianagaram,,,,,,,,,,,
i completed BPT.i've L4 L5 disc problem last 5 years,i used lot of alopathic and homeopathy and ayurveda also,  doctors  prefer spinal surgery,in that time by the gods grace i met Dr SANTHOSH,start medicine and panchakarma and reiki heel,with in 3 months 90% problem cured.
                                   anuradha,,,,, vizianagaram,,,,,,,
last 3 years i've osteoarthritis i used lot of alopathic and ayurveda treatments but in vain,in MAC&SK my problem  within 1 month 40% cured,my age 75
                                        sundar,,,,,,,,, kadapa,,,,,,
my son age 12 years,2years back he got DENGUE fever,we took allopathic treatment within 1 month it cured but every 20days my son is suffering fever,unconscious,joints become stiffness.then we r taking allopathic treatment,with in 3days cured but after 20days the same thing will be repeated.medical repots always normal,.,we take treatment at MAC&SK,Dr santhosh.with in two months treatment myson very healthy
                                                                           raju,,,,,,,,,,,,, vizianagaram,,,,,,,,,
i've small papad business but it's not running successful in that time i met santhosh sir in MAC&SK.he gave suggestion how to develop my business after i implimented now my profits very good,.,
i've gall stones and fatty liver last one MAC&SK ,,it cur now.
i've spodylosis and frozenshoulder problem last 1 year.i used lot of medicine but finally cured at MAC&SK by santhosh sir
   i've parkinson problem last finally take marma,acupressure,ayurveda treatment at mac&sk,now it's good.
i've tumors in my breast and heavy MAC&SK - dr santhosh sir cure very excellence.
   i've aastama problem last 20 finally take treatment at mac&sk,now it's good.
Ø  I got marry 7 years back, some problem arise between our family relations. finally we decide to take divorce in that time,I dicided to attempt suicide; one of my husband’s uncle prefer MAC&SK then Dr santhosh gave suggestion/counseling to me & my husband,.,.,.,now we r moving to best couple. thanks god. santhosh sir saved my family life

________________shirisha nagesh,,,,,,,,,,,,vijayawada.

i completed BE,i want to go abroad but no chance,finally i met santhosh sir ,change my name spell by using numerology after that i got abroad chance.thank's to santhosh sir.

                                   durga prasad..........visakhapatnam.

last 10years i've sinusitis & last 2years i've varicose veins.. i took lot of treatments but no use.finally at MAC&SK i got cure.thank's to santhosh sir.

              sujatha,,,,,,,,,,,, hyderabad.

this chandra sekhar,age 63.last 5 years onwards i've hernia complint basically i've fear for MAC&SK ,i got treatment ,,,,now it's good,,,,,,,,,thank'u Dr santhosh sir.


this sowmya,i've business mind but i lose sme mind got depression and anxiety neurosis that time i used psychiatric medicine but my condition very bad.that time i met dr santhosh... his treatment and Technics most helped me.according to his suggestion, i started a PLAY i'm happy..........

i've 42, last 4 years onwards i've diabetic,in 2015 march onwards pain at my breast,i found some tumors that to black colour liquid release from my both nipples,,,i took treatment from MAC&SK, with in 3 months total my problem gone.thank'u   MARMANI santhosh sir.





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                      (Agastya Marmani Group)
    HPCL Layout, MIG-II,  Plot-106, srujana school beside line, 2nd left corner building.
            P M Palem, visakhapatnam

-every weekdays 10 AM to 8PM

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All dosha, all dhatus, all malas, digestive fire, mind, atma, indriyas allthings should be in proper way who have these things that person is healthy person.
Ayurveda is a science that is widely acknowledged yo be the world's oldest system of health. It is an oral tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Only in the last5000 years was it actually written down. The word AYURVEDA comes from the Sanskrit language roots 'ayu' and 'veda', or, "life" and "knowledge". thus in the name "AYURVEDA", we find its essential meaning and purpose- the complete knowledge of how to live daily life in harmony with cosmic life.

Ayurveda is not just a health care system but a complete approach to living. It offers a rich and comprehensive conception of life and health that takes into account all parts of human existence, from its most abstract, transcendental value to its most concrete expressions in human physiology. In tradition, it clearly upholds the intimate connection between human life and cosmic life.

Pancha karma is that have five different things for purifying the body. It is special treatment in Ayurveda. 

PANCHAKARMA COURSE:   [APK]-------- code

this course to award as SHODANA MANI

Eligibility: 20  to 60 years; +2 education                  
 Time duration: 3 months                   Only course fee: 35,000 Indian rupees

*what is Ayurveda.
*aahara & vihara
*pulse reading.
*body massage.
*three dhosha concept.
*saptha dhathu concept.
*maha bhutas.
*sneha vidhi.
* sweda vidhi.
*different vastis.
*raktha mokshna (jaluga vidhi).

MASSAGE  COURSE:   [MSG] -------- code

this course to award as ABYANGANA PARICHARAK

Eligibility: 20 to 50 years; 10th std                 
  Time duration: 1 month                   Only course fee: 10,000 Indian rupees
*what is Ayurveda.
*body massage.
*powder massage.
*kalari massage.
*foot massage.
*head massage.
*kaya sekam.
*face massage.
*traditional marma massage.
*shiatsu massage.


this course to award as SANATHAN VAIDYA MANI

Eligibility: 20  to 50 years;  +2 educations                 
 Time duration: 8 months                   Only course fee: 50,000 Indian rupees

*dagdha karma.
*sivana karma.
*sira vedha.
*special treatments for eye problems.
*dhara chikitsa.
*dieting & fasting system.
*making of ayurveda injections.
*ayurveda beauty tips.

*dhanyaamla dhara
*padha gatham
*external vastis.
*special treatments for psychology problems
*aaswasana chikista
*satwajaya chikista
*adravyabhutha chikitsa
*swamutra pana chikista
*pitta pana chikista


this course to award as SANATHAN AYUH VAIDYAN

Eligibility: 20 to 50 years ;  +2 education                  
Time duration:  1 year                   Only course fee: 2,00,000 Indian rupees
*what is Ayurveda.
*dieting & fasting system.
*all 8 branches of ayurveda
*different areas pulse reading.
*ayurveda pathology
*ayurveda pharmacology
*different diseases information.
*show the ayurveda plants.
*making of  medicine.
*purify the herbals.
*science of rejuvenation   (kayakalpa).
*teach the different ayurveda sastras.

*karma vipaka
*basic of marma treatment
*how to cure the different diseases threw the ayurveda.
*practical clinical approaches and methods.
*regular life style in Ayurveda.


BASIC AYURVEDA COURSE:      [BAY]-------code

this course to award as VAIDYA SAHAYAK

Eligibility: 20  to 50 years; 10th std                 
  Time duration:  1 month                   Only course fee: 5,000 Indian rupees
*what is Ayurveda.
*aahara & vihara
*body massage.
*powder massage.
*head massage.
*kaya sekam.
*face massage.
*basic of diagnosis
*basical madicines information


this course contains herbal related skin/beauty care only not a chemical beauty therapy.

this course to award as SOUNDARYA MANI

Eligibility: 20  to 50 years; 10th std                 
  Time duration:  1 month                   Only course fee: 5,000 Indian rupees

*making of herbal medicine.
*herbal skin& nail& hair care.
*basic of doshas& dhatus& metabolism.